AirPods Pro With None Cancellation Coming This Week

AirPods Pro

Apple announced the new AirPods Pro, a significant update to the AirPods with a new shape and active noise cancellation. This advance model is priced at $249 and available on Wednesday.

Unlike the standard AirPods, the Pro version comes with a set of silicone ear tips, and you can select the one the fits your ears the best. The microphones in the AirPods will test for noise leakage and tell you if the tips you selected are the best for your ears. You can also switch into Transparency mode to hear more of what is around you.

The AirPods Pro also has a force sensor to detect taps which can be set in Control Center on your iPhone. You can use taps to switch noise cancellation modes, play and pause, or skip tracks. You can also use Hey Siri and audio sharing to send audio from one iPhone to two sets of AirPods.