MacMost Now 868: All My Files

The special All My Views view in the Finder gives you access to all of your user files in one list. You can arrange these to group them by application, size or date. You can also sort inside the groups and search to narrow down the list.

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    Steven Kay
    11 years ago

    "All my files" does not appear to be available in 10.6.8.

    Is it only available on lion or mountain lion?

      11 years ago

      Right. At 0:09 I say "Starting with Lion..."

    Stuart J
    11 years ago

    Very useful info, as always Gary.
    I just upgraded to 10.8 from 10.6 and have been thrown by many of the new layouts and appearance issues. Searching and the various layout/sorting options have been particularly vexing.
    Thanx for steering me to All My Files, which I hadn't even noticed!

    Lou Adzima
    11 years ago

    Very good! I can now see an image of what's in the pdf's that I have scanned.

    11 years ago

    This covers exactly what I have needed to know. Thank you, Gary, for the really very helpful stuff you put out there for us. It is greatly appreciated.

    Susanne Maron
    11 years ago

    This was great very useful, for all my different subjects now being itemised for easy reference Thank you

    11 years ago

    Thanks so much Gary. I could never see the point of All My Files and now it makes perfect sense.

    Richard Greene
    11 years ago

    This finally seems to solve my search problems Gary! I find Spotlight to be rather useless - maybe I'm using it wrong but can hardly ever find anything I'm looking for with it. Your ability to provide guidance of things simple AND complex is very useful indeed.

    11 years ago

    Can I delete the files in "All My Files" and still retain them in their root folders? The "All My Files" folder/application only includes a portion of my database, and are certainly not all my files. My start-up disk is full and I am trying to liberate space.

      11 years ago

      No. Think of All My Files as a search for "all." It is not a copy of the file, it IS the file. So if you delete it, it will be gone.

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