Apple Announces macOS Big Sur With iOS-Like Design

At today’s WWDC keynote event, Apple focused on new features of upcoming operating systems for iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices. The next version of macOS will be named Big Sur and will have some major design changes to look a lot more like iOS and iPadOS.

The new version will be 11.0, the successor to Catalina, which was 10.15. This is the first time Apple has moved past the number 10 since the introduction of OS X in 2001. Design changes include a whole new look for most app toolbars, a Control Center like iPadOS, and Messages and Maps apps that match the features of their iOS counterparts.

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    Mike Cox
    3 years ago

    Any word on if it will install on a mid 2012 macBook?

    3 years ago

    Mike: No. See Anything from 2012 is too old.

    3 years ago

    Any indication new Contacts fixes or features in Big Sur? Contacts changed a "little" in last update but other web sources have not shown any improvements.

    3 years ago

    Robert: I didn't notice any, but this is just beta 1. I'd imagine updated to individual app functionality like Contacts would come later in the betas.

    Rogers leverette
    3 years ago

    Ti login just does not work.

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