Apple Card 6% Back Deal, Interest-Free iPhone Financing

Apple Card Deals

Apple has two new features right now that are of note to those looking to buy new Apple products. From now until the end of the year they are offering 6% cash back on specific Apple products. This is double the usual 3% back you get when using and Apple Card plus Apple Pay to buy hardware directly from Apple.

The deal is for hardware like iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches. But it excludes things like AppleCare+ payments, upgrade programs and monthly services.

Apple also started offering interest-free financing for new iPhones through the Apple Card today. This basically divides the price of a new iPhone into 24 payments and places each payment on the monthly due date for your Apple Card. So you end up paying the same price for an iPhone over 24 months as you would if you just bought it normally. Plus you would get the normal 3% cash back since you’d be making the purchase with the Apple Card.