Apple Special Event For January 27th, 2010

Here is a list of the major points announced at this special event.
10:00 — Steve Jobs takes the stage and talks about Apple as a mobile hardware company.
10:10 — Announcement: the iPad!
10:11 — Steve is demonstrating the device. Looks like a giant iPhone or iPod Touch. One-screen keyboard. Basic apps with a similar iPhone interface.
10: 12 — Steve shows off browsing the Web, viewing pictures and video.
10:16 — Includes a large screen email app, closer to the iPhone’s email than Mail on the Mac.
10:24 — Showing off a version of iCal.
10:26 — Show off Google maps, with street view.
10:30 — 1/2 inch thin, 1 1/2 pounds, 9.7-inch display, multi-touch.
10:31 — Apple is using their own processor chip, a 1Ghz Apple A4 chip.
10:32 — Memory options will range from 16GB to 64GB.
10:33 — Has Wifi (802.11n) and Bluetooth. Accelerometer, compass. Speaker, mic, dock connector.
10:34 — Claiming 10-hour battery life, even with video playing.
10:35 — Can run all iPhone apps as-is. Will double pixels and run them full screen.
10:37 — Developers can modify their apps to take full advantage of the larger display.
10:38 — New version of the iPhone SDK today for developers to update their apps.
10:40 — Showing off 3D shooter game running in full screen.
10:43 — New York Times showing off their app.
10:44 — Showing off “Brushes” app that lets you paint.
10:48 — EA showing off Need For Speed on the iPad, a 3D racing game.
10:50 — shows off their baseball app, with video.
10:55 — iBooks is an eBook reader app. Can download books direction to the iPad.
10:58 — The iPad uses the standard ePub format, so we might be able to get books from elsewhere or make our own without Apple.
10:59 — A version of iWork will be available for the iPad. Showing off Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Numbers uses a lot of special keyboards for entering specific data types.
11:14 — iWork will cost $9.99 per application.
11:15 — You can also get the iPad with 3G wireless networking.
11:16 — AT&T will offer a 250MB/month plan for $14.99. $29.99 gets you unlimited data from AT&T. Also includes free use of AT&T WiFi hotspot locations.
11:17 — 3G data plans are prepaid. Sign up right on the iPad itself.
11:18 — Plans are for the U.S. only, but they hope to have international plans by June.
11:19 — The iPad is “unlocked” so you can use any GSM micro SIM from any carrier.
11:20 — Prices start at $500.
11:21 — $499 for the 16GB WiFi-only model. $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. With 3G it will be $629, $729 and $829.
11:22 — Shipping in 60 days. First the WiFi-only ones. Then 30 more days for the first 3G ones.
11:23 — Apple will also sell a dock stand, and a dock/keyboard stand with a full-sized keyboard.
12:33 — Looks like the books will be sold through the “iBookstore.” So there will be iTunes for music and video, the App Store for apps, and the iBookstore for books.
You should be able to watch the whole thing yourself at soon.
Will have a video up on MacMost shortly…

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    Mary-Louise Mitchell
    1/27/10 @ 1:45 pm

    Your coverage of the iPad was the best! I followed several strings of coverage and yours was always the most clear and concise.
    Thanks again for all of your good MacMost work.

      John Russell
      1/27/10 @ 1:47 pm

      I am in full agreement with Mary-Louise. “Clear and concise” defines your media work perfectly.

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