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You can check to see if your Mac, iPhone or iPad is still covered by a warranty or AppleCare by going to a handy page at Apple's site. You can also see if there is a valid purchase date and submit a proof of purchase if not. Also learn how to find your Mac or iOS device's serial number.
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Apple has a handy page that every Mac, iPad, and iPhone user should know about. It's called What it does is it allows you to enter in the serial number of your product and then it will tell you various things like whether or not you're still covered by the warranty. So let's give it a try.

Here I am in check Now I'm going to get the serial number from my Mac. So I'll use the Apple menu. Go to About This Mac and one of the items I see here is Serial Number. I can double click it and Command C to copy. Close that there and then I'm going to paste it in. In addition to entering in the serial number I'm going to have to enter in a little captcha code and then hit Continue. It's going to look up the record for this machine. It's actually going to show me exactly what machine it is. That's correct. Then it's going to give me some bits of information here.

So I can see first off all that I've got my technical support coverage and my repair coverage expired. Which makes sense. This machine is a few years old so I don't have either the warranty or AppleCare coverage for this machine. But if you did have AppleCare coverage it would show you there that you have it. I think also if you've purchased AppleCare coverage and it's expired, you know the three years is up, then it will show you that as well. Valid purchase date means that it has a record for this machine being purchased and registered with Apple. So I think this will show up automatically anyway you do it if you're buying directly from Apple. But I think if you buy it from some third party sites then you may need to register in order to have it there.

Now if for some reason it doesn't have a valid purchase date there is a way to fix that. It says here you can submit your proof of purchase online. There's a link there and it will take you through some steps to actually get that. I think that if it says there is no valid purchase date there's a number, a code, that it gives you that then you need to use when you submit the proof of purchase. The valid purchase date is important because it shows that Apple knows that this product has been sold and it also is kind of the ticking clock for getting AppleCare. If you want to extend your warranty coverage past the first year onto the second and third years by getting AppleCare then you need to do that within the first year. I believe it's 354 days or 364 days of the initial purchase you need to actually purchase AppleCare. So that's something you need to think about if you want to get AppleCare and you didn't buy it when you initially got the coverage for that device.

Now let's look up another one here. Let's look up the serial number for a MacBook. Click Check Another Serial Number and enter the captcha here. You can see it correctly figures out what that was and the same stats there. It's a newer machine but it's still past its warranty. One of the useful bits of information you get here is you get the official name for the machine. So if you want to talk to somebody in Support, whether it's Apple or a third party, or ask somebody for advice this is what the machine is. In this case it's a MacBook Pro. It's a 13 inch 2016 with four thunderbolt 3 ports. That's if you use that to describe the MacBook there's no doubt which model you have.

Now there's a nice mobile version of the same page at on your iPhone. In order to get the serial number on your iPhone you can go to Settings and then in Settings you want to go to General, About, and if you scroll down there you'll see the serial number. If you actually tap and hold on it a little Copy comes up and then you can switch back to the page and you can paste it in. Then enter the captcha. Then you get the same kind of results here for an iOS device.

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    12 months ago

    Handy tip. A fix on AppleCare, though. When you buy an Apple device, a one-year warranty guaranteeing against manufacturing defects is automatically included. The additional AppleCare+ has to be added within 60 days of purchase because it also covers for accidental damage.

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