Apple’s Nod To Mods

Apple has never encouraged anyone to modify their computers in the slightest way, in fact, dire threats of warranty violations abound at every turn. So that’s why its strange to see Apple actually linking to mod sites on the Mac Mini page.
There are links to modding your Mac Mini to fit into a Star Wars Millineum Falcon model, several pages of Mac Minis in cars, and a link to installing Mac Mini guts in a old Macintosh Plus .
Because users seldom throw away their old Macs, throwing a new Mac Mini cpu in an old Mac to make it fully functional only makes sense, although it is more expensive that turning it into a Macquarium.
Let’s just hope that Apple keeps making an inexpensive computer that can fit just about anywhere.
Hmm. I do have that 1/72 scale Star Trek “Galileo II” Shuttlecraft Model.