April 20 Event To Possibly Bring New iPads, iMacs

Apple has announced a special event for April 20 called “Spring Loaded.” Most who follow Apple news expect Apple to announce new iPads at this event, and possibly a new iMac.

A new iPad Pro model is due, one which will leap past the iPad Air in processor power. It is also possible we’ll see a new low-end iPad or iPad mini. It is also a good bet that Apple will introduce the new new Macs that use Apple Silicon processors. The iMac is the most likely product, with rumors pointing to a new design as well and maybe even an increase in the screen sizes for both the large and small iMac. It is also possible that higher-end MacBook Pros could be updated with new M-class processors.

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    Mark Holmes
    3 years ago

    Sure hope that iMac is coming! Still sitting on my mid 2010 model with a slowly dying graphics card. Want this new iMac bad!

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