AT&T Deceptive 5GE Indicator Coming Soon To iPhones

With a new beta version of iOS 12.2, some users at MacRumors are saying they see “5GE” as their connection type on AT&T’s network. AT&T rolled out this branding on Android phones last month, but this is the first time it has been reported on iPhones. The 5GE brand has been criticized as highly deceptive.

The use of the term 5G generally applies to the next generation of mobile towers and phone receivers capable of much faster speeds. It is not yet available on any iPhone nor Android phones. While AT&T claims that 5GE is a step in that direction, it is actually just their LTE network that has been available for some time. Yet, on AT&T’s site (pictured) the link to 5GE phones takes you to a page that includes current iPhones.