Building a Quiz With Mac Keynote

Keynote presentations don't have to be linear. You can use links to jump to any slide. With these links you can turn a Keynote presentation into a simple interactive quiz. This can be used in classroom or marketing situations.

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    3 years ago

    @Master Gary What a great tutorial. You nailed it. You are the BEST Mac geek out there. Thank You so much.

    3 years ago

    Can you embed it in a web page or export it to a format windows users can use?

    3 years ago

    Jacques: You can export as HTML and upload to a website via FTP if you have your own site with that capability. Try it and see. You can export as PowerPoint, but I would test it thoroughly as Keynote and PowerPoint are different apps with different features.

    Robert Emmett
    3 years ago

    Nice. I didn't know about some of those things.

    3 years ago

    Very helpful. As a teacher in Australian lock-down, providing engaging material for my high-school students is a challenge. Your presentation smoothed the learning curve for me. Many thanks.

    3 years ago

    very useful making quiz in keynote. I wish you will make more about quiz topic.

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