MacMost Now 540: Bypassing Search Engines

Learn how to find information on the web by bypassing search engines and going right to information-rich sites like WIkipedia, IMDB, AllMusic and Twitter. You can also use map searches and site-specific searches to find information.

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    13 years ago

    You can also install the opera browser. And add shortkeys in your address bar to search directly on certain sites. It autofills the adressbar directly if you only type one word. If you use more words or just a space it searches google. W for Wikipedia, A for E for eBay and a space with your search term are preprogrammed. But you can add several more

    Andrew Murr
    13 years ago

    Hi Gary

    Just to let you know, I have finaly got iWork installed. With instructions on the phone from an Apple Care technician. He told me to move the original iWork application to Trash, Shut down my computer, and start up again, and then installed the DVD, and viola, I'm up and running.

    Stan Kast
    13 years ago

    Still cannot get the videos to play! They used to come up as black screen and opened on the arrow.Now they have flash and before I can click on it changes to HD No. hit this and a bandwith an arrow says loading but noting happens. Most upsetting as I have found these videos most useful in the past.

      13 years ago

      All you can try is to re-install Flash. You can also subscribe to the podcast and get the videos that way.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    13 years ago

    Wikipedia is very good. Example- There was a series on TV about a Pope years ago,and it was quite controversial shown on the BBC. I think the Catholic Church bought the the rights so it would not be shown again. I thought they called him Borgia,but Wiki came up with everything. The house of Borgia,and the popes name was Pope Callixtus lll. He was bringing in prostitutes through the back door. The details that Wiki came up with were amazing. IDB is good as well. Yes Gary you are bang on.

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