MacMost Now 188: Circus Ponies NoteBook

This MacWorld Expo special takes a look at NoteBook 3.0, feature-riich note-taking and organizing software.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Gary Rosenzweig: Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's MacWorld Expo special, let's take a look at NoteBook 3.0.
So there's a lot of different programs out there that allow you to take notes on your Mac. But NoteBook from Circus Ponies really seems to be the one that has tons and tons of features. It's got all sorts of interesting things like the ability to bring photos and video in, even to be able to synchronize audio with the notes you're taking. I talked to Jason from Circus Ponies about it.
I'm here with Jason from Circus Ponies and they've just released Notebook 3.0. And Notebook is a huge program, just so many different things. Can you sum it up for me?
Jason: Yes. So Notebook is a tool for getting organized on the Mac and the idea is that everyone has bits of information that don't have a good home today like notes and clips from the web. So with Notebook you can put all your notes in one place, keep it organized and find it when you need it.
And it's also great for managing projects because a project is typically a collection of snippets. So like an email and notes and like a spreadsheet that are all related, keep it together.
Gary: And it has like a million cool little functions. Tell me about the one that I saw where you can record audio and take notes at the same time.
Jason: Yes. So let's say you're a student or you're at a meeting and you want to take notes and also record the person that's speaking so you have a voice annotation feature that lets you do that. And so the idea is that when you're typing your notes, NoteBook is recording and it's time stamping your notes. So later on when you want to review part of your notes, you just click on the time stamp and it will start playback right from that point where you started typing that note. So if you missed something or got something wrong, you can listen to it again.
Gary: That's great. Also, you can export a variety of formats. You can even export to a website.
Jason: That's true. So you can create PDFs from your NoteBook and share them with people. You can also create websites from your NoteBooks and the website that you get, they work just like the NoteBook. You can turn the pages and click the tabs and expand and collapse the outlines and share it with the world.
Gary: OK so it's a dynamic website that you're creating from your notes.
Jason: Exactly.
Gary: OK. And you can also use it to really organize stuff, because I saw you can bring in PDFs, you can bring in photos and everything into it.
Jason: Right. You can put anything into your NoteBooks and...what can I say? [laughs]
Gary: So it's been out for a while. 2003 is when you started?
Jason: Yes, April. So almost 6 years now.
Gary: And this is version 3.0 which just came out recently?
Jason: Actually, September, end of September.
Gary: And what does it sell for?
Jason: NoteBook is $49.95. It's $29.95 for academic users and we have a $99.95 family pack, three user.
Gary: You can find out more at Until next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.