Collaborating With Shared iCloud Drive Folders

A new feature of macOS 10.15.4 and the latest versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote is the ability to collaborate using shared iCloud Drive folders. Once you share a folder, you can create documents in those folders and they are instantly ready for real-time collaboration with no additional steps. This can be used to work on a whole set of files with your team over the course of a project, or permanently.

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    Ian MacGregor
    4 years ago

    I'm very security minded and I have a question. Once the shared folder is created and you add a person.. can that person see or access anything else, other than that shared folder, on my iCloud Drive? I have the 50GB iCloud plan and this seems a better method than my 2GB dropbox account.

    4 years ago

    Ian: No. They have the access you specified to that folder, but they can't even see anything else you have. The just see that one folder.

    Rien de Zeeuw
    4 years ago

    My friends iMac is not upgradable to Catalina, he uses High Sierra. I have Catalina. Can we work in one shared iCloud folder? Thanks for your answer in advance.

    4 years ago

    Rien: No. You need Catalina to use Shared iCloud Drive folders. Stick with just sharing individual files with him, or use another cloud solution like Dropbox until he gets a newer machine.

    Adam Snyder
    4 years ago

    Excellent info Gary.
    Once again Apple has done much better that the others out there. I use Microsoft's cloud based everything at work as that is what our company provides for us. Collaborating is a nightmare at times with Cloud based Excel spreadsheets. It's look as though Apple is behind the curve on getting this rolled out, however doing a much better well thought out job than others. Currently using iCloud Drive shared folders at home now.

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