MacMost Now 169: Controlling the Finder with the Keyboard

Learn how to control the Mac OS X Finder using only the keyboard. You can navigate through the menu bar, menu bar status items, Finder windows and even the Dock.

Here’s a list of keyboard commands mentioned in the episode:
Control+F1 = Turn keyboard access on and off
Control+F2 = Start keyboard navigation of the menu bar
Control+F3 = Start keyboard navigation of the Dock
Control+F4 = Go to next window
Control+F8 = Start keyboard navigation of the status menus
Command+` = Next window in application
Command+Tab = Next application
Command+o = Open selected item
Spacebar in Finder = Preview item
Command+Spacebar = Spotlight menu
To see even more keyboard commands, open System Preferences, go to Keyboard & Mouse, then Keyboard Shortcuts.

Comments: 2 Responses to “MacMost Now 169: Controlling the Finder with the Keyboard”

    15 years ago

    Doesn't work. Ctrl and the F-keys just activates the features also on those F-keys... screen illumination, audio, keyboard backlighting... on a MacBook Pro.

    I know I can go into System Prefs and ake F1 F2 "standard Function keys, but mine is disabled by default so I can easily adjust laptop settings.

    This wasn't mentioned in the video, so I thought I'd add it here. :)

      13 years ago

      It will work if you use the fn key in conjunction with the F-keys and the Ctrl/Cmd key

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