Copying Maps Images To Keynote and Pages

You can copy and paste to export images from the Maps app into other apps such as Keynote and Pages. You can use this to easily add maps and satellite views to your presentations and documents.
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If you're making a Keynote presentation or creating a Pages document and you think a map or an aerial view might be useful you can get that very easily using the Maps app.

So run Maps app and go to wherever it is you want to look. For instance I can move to Manhattan. I can zoom in, zoom out, do whatever I want to get it to look like I want. You would think you would go to File, Export. But the only export option is Export as PDF. You can kind of get there from that, Exporting as PDF, and then bringing that into Preview and such but it's actually much easier than that.

You can Copy and Paste. Get the map looking like you want. Go to Edit, Copy which is Command C. Then I'm going to go here to Keynote. I'm working on a presentation and I can select a placeholder image here and I can Paste or Command V. It's actually going to paste that map in there.

You can do the same thing on a blank slide. So I go to a blank slide here and I'm just going to do Command V and it's going to just paste it in and create a new image there. I can resize it, I can move it around, I can double click it and zoom in on the area, I can apply a border to it. Do it in any way that I want as you would a normal image. It's a pretty good resolution too. If I were to zoom in, say 200%, to this you can see it looks pretty good. So you get pretty good resolution out of it. It's a real easy way to get a map into something.

If you want to do it in Pages, just go into Pages here and just as you would paste any image in there. So I'm going to Command V there and it's going to paste in that image and I can now alter it and do whatever I want just as I would any image in Pages.

But we can get more than just maps here because we can use the satellite views in the 3D functionality as well and it will work. So let's jump to another location and you're always going to get this red pin here. You can get rid of it by clicking at the top, the X, to clear the search field and it gets rid of the red pin. Then we can reposition the map. Let's move in and let's switch to satellite view. Then from satellite view we can click on the 3D button here at the bottom right, tilt everything in. We can rotate it as we want and we can continue to zoom in with the plus and minus buttons here. So we get a nice view of what we want.

It's not going to be great because these are not actual photos, of course, that you're looking at. These are going to be satellite images that have been drawn onto the 3D map here. So it's never going to look fantastic. But some things do look nice. We can do that and we can do the same thing with the copy Command C and I'm going to go into Keynote here and create a new slide and Command V to paste. And we get a copy of that image. So a cheap way to get images to use then in your presentations.

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    2 years ago

    First of all thank you for the excellent tutorials that I see when I bought the first Apple
    I’ve always wanted to ask, but I forget. Your show copying maps in documents reminds me to my question. I would like to see my shop on maps used by Apple devices. And in particular, Croatia (Europe) to put a label where there is my store, but I can not find where it sets.
    Can you help

    Thank you in advance and go ahead with good tutorials

    2 years ago

    Dejan: Do you mean you want to suggest to Apple that they add your store to the map so others can see it there? Go to to start that process.

    Alan Lambshead
    2 years ago

    Can I get maps to use in a slide show in Photos? I would like to show people where I actually went, even drawing a route on a map.

    2 years ago

    Is there a copyright issue with pasting an Apple map into a presentation like that? How about a Google map? Don’t you need to cite the source–wouldn’t you think, at the very least? Or do you need permission?

    2 years ago

    Carol: Great question. Few people think about that and they should. I wouldn’t use any artwork in a public way without checking first. Google has a lot of information about the use of their maps, since Google Maps has been around for a while. See:
    But I can’t find any information about that when it comes to Apple Maps. I doubt you’d get an answer from Apple unless you work for a company that has a legal department and can contact them lawyer-to-lawyer. On the one hand, it seems the answer should be “no.” But on the other hand Apple has always allowed the use of things like iMovie backgrounds, GarageBand loops and other materials, so maybe.
    I’m not a lawyer, but I do know enough about copyright law to know that simply citing the source makes absolutely no difference. Nor does commercial vs non-commercial unless the license states that.

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