MacMost Now 181: Create PDF Files By Printing

You can easily turn any document from any program into a PDF file by printing it and choosing to save as a PDF instead of sending to a printer.

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    16 years ago

    A very useful tip my family uses all the time!
    My son gets homework that has to be done on a computer and e-mailed to his teacher. This is fine but when the teacher gives out these assignments he's assuming all his students are using Windows like him. My son dose his reports in Mac Pages, converts it to PDF and then e-mails it to his teacher. It would be the only way he could view it.

    13 years ago

    Very useful site.

    I have a problem with printing pdf from Words. I am using snow leopard.
    Suppose, I have a word documents with 3 pages. page 1 and 3 are vertical and page 2 are horizontal. When, I print as pdf, it creates three pdf files individually instead of just one file.

    I noticed this problem arises whenever some pages are vertical and other are horizontal in document.

    Please help me.

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