Creating a Photo Collage In Keynote

You can create a photo collage using any number of apps and techniques on your Mac. But the quickest, but still very versatile, method is to use Keynote. You can easily drag and drop images from Photos onto a slide and arrange them with lines, borders, text and other elements. You can then export as an image.

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    John Ullis
    5 years ago

    Would you still recommend Keynote for 16x48 collage I would have printed on canvas?


    5 years ago

    John: No. You need to use a pro tool for something that size, like Photoshop. 48 inches at at least 300 dpi? That's a big image. Maybe Pixelmator can handle it, but I've never tried to use it for pro-quality work like that. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try Keynote and see if it works for you. You don't need to make it perfect to test getting an image that size and see if it seems to work.

    Michael Bacon
    5 years ago

    Great Tip Gary. I use Pages and Keynote for 90% of my graphic needs. They are both underestimated. Always good to see how you move around and use the Mac. I'd forgotten that we can split screen on Mac. That alone is a great tip.

    5 years ago

    When choosing the size for your slide/screen, you multiplied 8.5 X 300 for 2550 and 11 X 300 for 3300. How did you know to use 300 pixels per inch for the sizing? I'm not very well versed on picture sizes, pixels, etc. Do you have a video that explains it?

    5 years ago

    John: A lot of people like to use 300 dpi (or better) for printing. Less and you can start to see the pixels. For a long time 300 dpi was (maybe still is) the standard for print resolution.

    Juanita MacPhee
    5 years ago

    Thanks so much for this video. (I also forgot about the split screen feature.) I have photo-editing software, and I barely use the basic features. Never crossed my mind to use keynote for collages. Really like the way you present your videos, as they concise and easy to understand.

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