MacMost Now 906: Creating Ringtones With GarageBand For iOS

By using the GarageBand app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can create ringtones and use them on your device, without needing to connect to a computer. You can use instruments, music loops, songs on your device or just record from the microphone. You can assign these ringtones to any alert sound in the Settings app.

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    10 years ago

    Thanks. Never knew this. Great info.

    Jim H.
    10 years ago


    Thank you for all your tips. I find them very useful.

    Gary, I have a train whistle that I recorded on "voice memos" on my iPhone five, I would like to use this as a ring tone. Is there a way I can do this?

    Thanks again,


      10 years ago

      Did you try using GarageBand for iOS to do this? Not sure if it supports importing recorded voice memos, but try. If not, then simply sync the voice memos to your Mac and use GarageBand there to create the Ringtone from it.

    Law Thim Fook
    10 years ago

    Gary, once again, much thanks for your tip. Related to this video, I have a question. Can I create a Ringtone on GarageBand on iPhone/iMac, and send it to another iPhone **without** GarageBand, with that user importing it in as a Ringtone?

    Thanks and regards.

      10 years ago

      I can't see any way to do this. The only way to email it is to Share it from GarageBand. Then it arrives as a song, not a ringtone. And that song can only be played, it can't be imported into either the Music app or GarageBand.

        Law Thim Fook
        10 years ago

        Much thanks again for your quick reply, Gary. Guess it can't be done huh? :-(


    Ralph H.
    9 years ago

    Man... You are still giving amazing info on the platform and devices I love! I tried to share your post on my Twitter account from my iPad, but when the got to the verification Captcha screen I had to go 9 times, failing every time. Trying to spread the word. Don't bad Twitter doesn't trust me, with my account.

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