Developers Get macOS Catalina, iOS 13

macOS Catalina and iOS 13

Shortly after the announcement of macOS Catalina and iOS 13, Apple released beta versions to developers. Leaks from these testers have given us more information about the new operating systems.

Catalina brings a lot of new features, but also says goodbye to an old one: the Dashboard. Screen Time comes to the Mac, along with some new parental controls. Clicking the green button at the top of windows will give you the choice of using the app full screen, split screen, or moving the app to the iPad screen if you are using the new Sidecar feature alone with an iOS 13 iPad. The new Music, Podcasts and TV apps seamlessly replace iTunes, with all purchases and content access going to the proper app. The Finder will take over iOS device syncing with screens that look very similar to what we have now in iTunes.

iOS 13 brings Wi-Fi network selection to the Control Center, and will let apps like Spotify work through Siri commands. The volume control indicator will move to the edge of the display. iOS 13 will include an interesting new optimized battery charging feature that keeps your battery at about 80 percent charge during the night and completes a 100 percent charge just before you wake up to prevent some battery aging.

Both Catalina and iOS 13 are only available to developers now, but will be released as public betas in July, then to everyone most likely in September.

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    Robert Swatzell
    12 months ago

    I love my iPhone 6 but going to have to upgrade to get iOS 13 which sucks lol

    Walter Hart
    12 months ago

    Does the new Catalina OS support music that has been taken from owned CDs?

    12 months ago

    Walter: If the music is in your iTunes Library now, it will be in your Music app library after updating. No change.

    12 months ago

    If they remove the dashboard, what will they replace it with? Please no tiles, anything but tiles.

    12 months ago

    Rob: They aren’t replacing it with anything. So finding your own replacement for whatever you used Dashboard for depends on how you used it. The notifications center has had widgets for years now, so some similar things can be done there. Other things are simply done in apps or on the Web.

    10 months ago

    Good report, which I appreciate, yet Too much for me. No doubt II’ll eventually need this info. I know how my computer works and I am too old and tired for mostly insignificant changes like putting things in different places. Gets very confusing after a while. I would rather have major big changes like a touch screen for computer. As it is I now have to remember where my usb to usb-c connector is and where I put an extermal DVR player last. It was so much easier when it was in my computer.

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