Editing Photos With Affinity Photo Extensions

You don't need to launch Affinity Photo to use some of its tools. You can access basic adjustments, haze removal, retouch tools and other things right in the Mac Photos app.

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    Jim S
    4 years ago

    Can you use extensions with iPadOS? I couldn’t find them.

    4 years ago

    Jim: I don't know if Affinity Photo has them for iPad.

    Nancy Brodovsky
    4 years ago

    Gary, this was very interesting. By highlighting Affinity Photo do you feel this is the best photo editing for photos. I do some editing and wasn't sure if it was worth the expense?

    4 years ago

    Nancy: For many people, the tools inside of Photos are all they need. For others, I like Affinity Photo, but I also like Acorn and Pixelmator Pro. I'd look at all three and see which one you feel would fit your needs better.

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