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SO I finally got an iPhone 3GS and I have a question. If I add a new ringtone to iTunes and then want to add it manually to my phone, iTunes erases all other media. Is there a way to add individual ringtones without erasing everything?

— Jason

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    12/12/09 @ 7:50 pm

    How are you trying to add the ringtones? You should add them to iTunes first, yes. Then select your iPhone and go to the ringtones tab. There you can select which ringtones you wish to add. You can add them all (might as well) or select just a few from the list.

      12/12/09 @ 7:58 pm

      I added all of yours with no problem.. I have made .m4r versions of a few of my songs and added them to the iTunes library…but then when I add them by syncing…it wipes the phone clean

        12/12/09 @ 8:59 pm

        What, specifically, are you doing to sync that is wiping them all out? Just set your iPhone to sync all ringtones. Then it will add any ringtones that you have in iTunes.

          12/12/09 @ 9:38 pm

          WHen I am in iTunes I select Sync all ringtones..then the replace all notice comes up.. I have music set to manually manage…

            12/12/09 @ 10:02 pm

            Ah, you have iTunes set to “manually manage” for the iPhone. You didn’t mention that before. In that case, forget the Ringtones sync tab, just as you would forget the Music sync tab. Just drag and drop the ringtone from your iTunes library on to your iPhone in the sidebar.
            You can manually manage all of your iPhone media, or you can use the sync tools to choose which to sync. But you can’t do both, as you can imagine it would be hard for iTunes to figure out what you wanted to sync and what you didn’t.

              12/13/09 @ 6:50 am

              AWESOME! Thanks Gary! NOw I have moved them with ease! I do enjoy taking my own songs (from iTunes) and making them into ringtones and the MacMOst ones are great!!


              9/11/10 @ 9:35 am

              Sorry but how should I set it to manually?
              To tell the truth i did but nothing happen,I mean
              when I am dragging ring tone toward Ipphone
              Ringtone and the rest folder shows, but thbut
              nothing happen:-((((

    7/9/10 @ 3:29 pm

    I’m really confused about ringtones. I downloaded some from itunes and PAYED FOR THEM and then couldn’t use them until I clicked on store>make ringtones and then had to PAY FOR THEM AGAIN!!!!! This is really wrong.
    is there another way??????

      7/9/10 @ 4:33 pm

      If you purchased them with the same iTunes account, then iTunes shouldn’t have charged you a second time. Are you sure the sale went though the first time? Either way call Apple and get it straightened out. They will help.

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