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Adding notes & colours to websites

I have saved a Website as a Web-Archive on my HD. Now I would like to make some notes in it or at least highlight some sections with different colours and save those changes. Is it possible to do that?

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    9 years ago

    I am not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific. Why are you saving the site as an archive and why are you making notes on it? The answer to those questions will make it a lot easier to help.

    Timo Päßler
    9 years ago

    I Need those Websites As a Resource for my Studies. I have to quote from them and therefore I would like to Highlight some sections to find them faster when writing my exams.

      9 years ago

      Got it. That’s what I thought, actually.
      I would not use the web archive. Instead, I would “print” the pages as a PDF. Then use Preview’s annotations feature to make those notes. Works great.
      Now the problem is that if you really need to have a web site (many pages) not a single web page. That makes it tougher. I don’t know any way, off-hand, to do it. I would search the Safari Extensions to see if someone has come up with a way to do it — and a way that works with archives, not just live sites.

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