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Burning to DVD format

Hi gary
i would like to store movies in dvd format
i have a macbook
whats the best way to burn movies in a blank dvd+r dvd so that it can be played in any generic dvd player


— Aravind

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    10 years ago

    Use iDVD to create the DVD from your videos.

      10 years ago

      Do you mean you have previously acquired dvds? Then you need to use Disk Utility to save the files as an image, using New Image tab. That will save as a .cdr which you can burn back from Disk Utility to a blank dvd or if you want to skip the verification process (in the interest of time saving) then use Toast-Copy-Image to burn.

      If they’re mp4, movs etc then IDVD’s your app, as Gary says.

      Just be careful…the macbook is very sensitive…slight shake of the machine while dvd is burning and it will render it unusable…I’ve lost some 15 blank dvds like this. Keep the macbook steady and if you HAVE to move it, be steady and careful.

    10 years ago

    its a .vob file in vlc media file format

      10 years ago

      Then I think you’ll need to use something like Toast. But I haven’t tried it.

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