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Can I Print Just the Text That I Have Highlighted In Preview?

I’ve highlighted text on a preview document.
I would now like to group all the highlighted text together to form a single editable and printable document. Is this possible?

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    6 years ago

    What type of document are you looking at? Preview can open many different types of files. But I'll assume you mean a PDF file.

    PDF files are formatted pages that can be thought of as printed pages still in electronic form. So you can certainly choose to print only one page, or a group of pages. But printing a select inside a page is trickier. I show one technique here: Printing and Sharing Portions Of a Document.

    If it is just text you want. You can always copy the selected text and page it into an app that allows you to compose and edit text, such as TextEdit, Pages, Word, etc. Then print that document from that app.

    The reason you can't do this from inside Preview is that Preview is a "viewer" not an app that allows you to create and edit documents. For the most part, PDF files are finished documents, not meant to be edited. So editing a PDF to remove parts and create a new document isn't the typical path. Usually you create documents in apps like Pages, Word, InDesign, etc, and output PDFs for others to view.

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