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Can I Safely Delete IPA Files In My Mobile Apps Folder?

My SSD is rapidly running out of space and in using the excellent Memory Manager tools in MacOS Sierra, I’ve found almost a gigabyte of IPA files in my iTunes/mobile Applications folder

As these apps are largely installed on my IOS devices (iPhone and iPad Pro), is there any benefit in keeping these on my Mac?

In addition, I see that many IOS Apps are held with superseded version numbers which means that iTunes does not delete any IPA file when an updated version is downloaded. Is there any merit in keeping these older versions or can they be safely deleted?

Mant thanks

Comments: One Response to “Can I Safely Delete IPA Files In My Mobile Apps Folder?”

    4 years ago

    Sure, but I would always keep the latest backup around. But the old ones you can get rid of. Sometimes they get left behind when there are major iOS upgrades or you get a new device.
    By the way, don’t do this from the Finder. Instead, go into iTunes, Preferences, Devices. There you can see exact which backup is which and delete the ones you don’t want anymore.
    As for apps, are you still downloading apps on your Mac and then transferring them to your iOS devices? I stopped doing that a long time ago. If you are low on space, I would consider it. I no longer store any iOS apps on my Mac. If I need to get an old app back onto my iPhone or iPad, I just download it fresh from the iOS App Store.

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