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I would like to set up my Home Network so that only my computers can get access to the network. This is done via the Mac Address filtering.
In the Airport Express settings, under the Access tab, which setting do I chose: the one with time, or the one called RADIUS?
Also, I have just watched MacMost Episode 345 in which you explain how to set up an Airport Express/Extreme for outside access. I have configured the DHCP settings so that my Macs will always receive the same IP address. Next thing I’m going to do is enable file sharing and some other stuff. All of this is the reason I want to enable Mac Address filtering, but is it really necessary?

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    3/19/11 @ 8:43 am

    I don’t really know anything about the RADIUS setting. But “Timed” is what you would use to set it up for MAC address filtering.
    But I hope you aren’t just using only MAC address filtering. Sure, that will restrict which devices can connect, but the data is still flying through the air unencrypted and can be read easily. You need to set a WPA2 password as well.
    And if you set a password, then there is no point to the MAC address filtering as long as your password is strong and kept secret.
    MAC address filtering isn’t related to having fixed DHCP settings.

    3/19/11 @ 9:42 am

    I am using a WPA2 password. And the password is strong enough, so I’m going to take your advice and leave the MAC filtering alone.

    Another question, though:
    I’m going to set up File Sharing for the Mac and Windows File Sharing with port forwarding enabled.
    After I’ve set this up, will I be able to connect with Windows 7 to a smb server? Because as far as I know the Windows 7 Network Explorer Window only shows server that are connected to the Local Network.

    I could always use FTP instead, but when I use FTP, won’t the data pass through unencrypted? Or if I’m on a network that uses WPA2, and I then connect to the FTP server at home (that also uses WPA2), will the data be encrypted?

    I know I’m asking many questions, but I want a relatively easy way to get to my files when I’m on the go. (Sometimes I take a MacBook with, sometimes my ASUS laptop).

    Thanks in advance


      3/19/11 @ 9:53 am

      I don’t know. I don’t have much experience with Windows 7 Networks :) Just try it.

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