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I have a SSD for the OS & Apps. It’s small so I’d like to have Safari and Firefox downloads go to the HDD. I changed it the Preferences for both browsers, but when I download software I didn’t get the window where I could just click and drag the downloaded app to the App Folder alias. Instead it all downloaded to a folder containing the App alias, the App, and a ReadMe file. A minor issue to be sure, but since it didn’t operate the same way if I had my download folder in my home/user folder, I am a little concerned. Am I ok having downloads go to the HDD? And would you know why when the software downloaded it didn’t open up with the window so I could click and drag to the App folder alias as it usually does?

— Royce

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    8/25/10 @ 6:17 am

    How things behave when you download something in Safari depends on your settings and the file type. Look in Safari general prefs. Do you have it set to “open safe files” — if so, that is what causes some file types (zip, dmg) to open themselves. But others do not. Plus, it depends on how the software maker designed the archive that you are downloading — they can decide to have it behave in different ways.

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