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1- Do I have to format my mac before installing OS Lion ( as on windows ). If it is not required, do you advise formatting to completely remove any errors in the system ?
2- When Lion is installed will all the applications I had before on my computer will still exist? or I will have to reinstall all of them again?
3-Do my system’s former preferences – like network media share sitting – will be effected by the update? because in this case I will have to reset sitting in order for the system to identify media devices.
thank you very much
Nasser Jabi

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    8/4/11 @ 3:52 pm

    No, you don’t have to format your Mac’s drive before installing Lion. You don’t need to do that for any Mac install in recent history. In fact, you don’t need to do that for Windows, either — at least not recent versions of Windows.
    You can do a “clean install” — but I do NOT recommend it. Doing so would mean you have to restore your documents and re-install all of your applications. You would also lose many of your settings. It would take hours, days, or even weeks to get back up to running 100% and it is simply not necessary.
    When you upgrade to Lion, all of your files (documents, applications, etc) will remain. You will not have to re-install them.
    Your preferences will mostly remain intact. There may be some adjustments you have to make, but for most users you don’t have to change anything.

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