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How Can I Design My Own Labels Print Multiple Logos On One Page?

Hi, Thank you so much. I’m new to this, but would like to create labels for my wares and print the same logo/ or name tag multiple times onto one sheet. I know nothing about text edit or word processors. Really a beginner. I like your deliberate and straight forward videos on youtube. Thank you.


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    2 years ago

    First, you need to buy label sheets that are compatible with your printer. When doing so, it would help to find sheets from a company that makes templates available for the word processor or layout app you use. I’ll assume that will be Pages — so you’ll want to try to find some sheets that have Pages templates that you can download to use. However, if you can’t find that, then you can still do it.

    So once you have the sheets, it will take some trial and error to get going. You’ll either open the Pages template or create a blank “page layout” document in Pages.

    Then you’ll need to create your labels using text boxes, shapes, imported graphics and so on. This is going to be tough to do since you say you are a beginner at using word processors. It is creative design work. I wouldn’t expect someone to be able to do it without working their way up the learning curve a bit more.

    You would create the label for the top left. You’d probably want to measure the labels on the paper and then use the rulers, guides and other tools to get this top left label to fit. Even after you have it where you want it, it will probably still be off by a bit, and that is OK.

    Then you’ll group all of those elements together. Then duplicate that group to fill out all of the labels on the sheet. Then print. Then see how far off you were on each label and make adjustments. Repeat until you get it just right.

    Things to consider: hiring a designer to get the labels to look good and give you a ready-to-use Pages document or PDF you can print. Using a service rather than trying to do it on your own — search for “label printing services.” Or, buying a label printer that will print the one at a time and comes with an app to make it easier — search for “home label printer.”

    Lloyd Garbutt
    2 years ago

    Maybe a third party app. Avery Labels has a design & print on line where you can print one label or multiples and print to you home printer.

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