Printing Labels Using Mac Pages

You can easily create a simple labels template to print a list of addresses to labels in Pages. The list can come from text or a Number spreadsheet. You can also modify pre-made labels templates to work better.

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    1 week ago

    Great tutorial Gary. I did a quick test with Pages to see if I could select multiple text boxes and link them all at once, but it doesn't allow it. Any idea why that's not a feature? It would sure make it easier to link multiple text boxes at once. Thx

    1 week ago

    nick: I don't see any reason why it should work that way. Perhaps just a bug or maybe something to be improved at a later time.

    16 hours ago

    tried printing labels using the Contacts app and then File, Print, Details, Style and Mailing Labels. Worked great but I really want the addresses centered in the label box instead of left justified. Is there any way that I can do this?

    15 hours ago

    Rosemary: How about using the method in this video?

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