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How Can I Eliminate Foul Language From Dictation Mode In Messages?

Can you somehow have dictation avoid certain words in a vocabulary? When I recently sent a typical Dad comment to daughter like…”Buck up there sweetheart”, Apple’s fine repertoire came up with an alternate to the word “buck” and it’s not language I’d use to my daughter. Surely there’s a filter somewhere.

Why? I’d prefer the King’s English. I’m not a standup comedian looking for some cheap laughs. Slurs would be another thing I’d like eliminated…although it appears Apple has made some headway in this area.

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    1 year ago

    You can do it, somewhat. And it won't solve the problem in your particular example.

    Go to Settings, Screen Time, Content & Privacy Restrictions, Content Restrictions, Explicit Language and switch it to Don't Allow.

    It won't stop you from typing those words, but for some of them it will use asterisks to replace some letters in those words.

    Other than that, it is just important to always review your text message before sending them. Not only is it possible to get a word in there you don't want, but it could simply misinterpret your speech and place a meaning there you don't want. "I want pizza for dinner" instead of "I don't want pizza for dinner" for instance.

    So you really need to examine the text first and make changes before sending, no matter what the situation.

    Christen Jankowski
    1 year ago

    Absolutely, but sometimes it puts the incorrect word in, then corrects it, then just when I hit the "Send" button, in that millisecond, it changes it back to what I explicitly DON'T want said. Point noted about checking all text messages BEFORE you hit send. Thanks you for your speedy and gracious reply. I know you're busy.

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