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How Do I Add Multiple Title Pages To One, Long-running Clip In iMovie?

I am using iMovie 11 on a Mac OS X Version 10.7.5. I have a clip that is about 1 minute long. I’d like to use it as a backdrop for my movie credits. When I open the video in projects, it appears as one section. How do I break it into sections to add multiple title pages to the different sections? I watched this tutorial by Mr. Rosenzweig and think it must be possible.

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    6 years ago

    You can split a clip at any point by choosing Clip, Split Clip (Command+Shift+S). But that’s not what you need to do here.
    You can put a title sequence over any portion of the clip — it doesn’t have to cover the whole clip. After you drag and drop the title to the clip, it will most likely cover the entire clip unless you have place it near the start or end of the clip. Either way, you can grab and drag the beginning or end of the title sequence, which appears as a blue element above the clip. So shrink the title to the time you want. Then add another title after that.
    You can also double-click a title element and then edit the exact duration of the title. So you can set each one to a uniform 5 seconds, for instance.
    Play around with dragging titles to the clip, shrinking the time or changing the duration, and then adding another title to the end of the clip, repeat. There’s a lot you can do to precisely place each part of the credits like this.

      6 years ago

      Thank you so much for taking time to answer this for me. Just this afternoon I thought about the split clip option. This is all great info. I am new to this and find your videos to be so precise and easy to understand. I appreciate you and have a great day!

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