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How Do I Backup Several Albums Of Photos On a DVD?

I want to backup a number of albums of photos in Photos, on a single DVD. What is the easiest way to do this? Many photos are involved. I would like to maintain the backed up photos organized as in the albums.
Dick Vitales

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    6 years ago

    Just backing up the files is relatively easy. You would drag and drop from Photos into the DVD writing icon. But that won't maintain anything about the albums or other organization.

    There's really no easy way to do that. You could duplicate your entire Photos library, then open that duplicate, then delete everything except the album(s) you want, then save the second library to the DVD, then delete it and switch back to the original library. But that's a lot of work for a "backup" so I don't recommend it.

    Perhaps instead use the File, Export function and export using File Naming options with filenames, prefix, and subfolder format. This won't really save it as a Photos library album, but you get a lot of the same organization. Maybe that is good enough. After all, it is only a backup, which means hopefully you'll never need it. And, of course, I'm sure you are still doing your main backup (Time Machine or online) so this is really only a secondary backup, right?

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