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How Do I Change Font Size In Safari Toolbars Like the Favorites Bar? It’s Unreadable!

The font size and contrast of the toolbars is horribly small. I do not use Safari for this specific reason although I would prefer to make it my default browser. Apple does not seem to care about this issue.
Al Fella

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    5 years ago

    There's no way to change it, but there are a few things you can do.

    First, if you are having trouble with the Favorites bar, then chances are you are having trouble with other bits of text around the system too. Having a new Mac with a retina display helps (smoother text) but what can really help is adjusting the screen resolution to make all text larger. System Preferences, Displays.

    The text in the favorites is something you can control. I use it and have a few choice items in there. But I've renamed them to be short easy words that I don't really "read" I just "see" them. So like: News, Servers, Weather, Stats, etc. I can tell those apart without needing to really read them since they are simple single words. Maybe try that?

    I hadn't thought to look before, but the equivalent bar in Chrome doesn't seem to be any bigger than in Safari.

    Another suggestion is to maybe use Emoji in those titles. That makes it easier to see. I may do a video on that.

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