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How Do I Convert Videos With iTunes?

Just watched MacMost Now episode 908. About 40 seconds in, you mention in reference to video formats, “you can convert them using iTunes.” I was not aware of this functionality in iTunes. How does this work? Do you have a past episode explaining how to do this?

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    11 years ago

    The exact steps depend on the version of iTunes. But assuming you are using iTunes 11, you can do it by selecting the video in your Movies section of your library. Then choose File, Create New Version.
    You get the choice to create a version for small screens (iPod touch or iPod) or larger screens (iPad or Apple TV).
    This is essentially the same functionality as when you select a song and then choose File, Create New Version and you can create an MP3 file (depends on what you have in your iTunes preferences, though).

    11 years ago

    Wow! I've always known about the audio conversion capabilities of iTunes, but somehow I missed the video conversion capabilities. Good to know!

    11 years ago

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