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How Do I Correct a Video That Was Shot Holding the Phone Incorrectly?

I shot a video with my iPhone 6. I held the phone horizontally. Not sure why, perhaps a senior moment. It was New Years Eve in case that’s a clue. Anyway, is there a way to correct that?

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    5 years ago

    Do you mean you held it vertically? So the video it taller than it is wide?

    There is no real way to fix it. You recorded a rectangle of video and what happened to the left or right sides of the video isn't part of the video. It isn't there.

    Perhaps what you mean is that you want to now use this vertical video, viewing it as a vertical strip in the middle of a horizontal video? I have a tutorial on filling in the sides of the video with something.

    MacMostFilling In the Sides of Vertical Video in iMovie

    5 years ago

    No, When I took there video I held the phone in a landscape manner instead of portrait and got a sideways movie. You can overcome it on a phone by rotating the phone but it doesn't work so well on my Mac.

    5 years ago

    So the video is rotated 90 degrees from the way it should be. In other words, people are walking on the wall instead of the floor?
    Rotating the video depend on what you have. For instance, on a Mac in Mojave you can do it right in the Finder with the new Quick Actions. One is to rotate the video. You can also do it in QuickTime Player.
    On the iPhone there is no easy way. The best is probably to get the free iMovie app. Create a project in there and add that clip. Then select that clip and there an an option to rotate it 90 degrees. Then export the result.

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