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How Do I Enlarge the Print When I Print an Email?

Is it possible when printing an email, to make it larger. I am finding when I go to print an email the type is so small you can barely read it. Thanks so much.

Because I like a hard copy I want to be able to read it without getting a magnifying glass. I am able to read the emails on the monitor but when printed the print is very tiny. If I print the email from outlook the print is much larger.

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    1 year ago

    The key to doing this is to enlarge the text first, then print. So use Command+= (plus) to enlarge the text. Do it a few times until you get the size you want. Then print. The printout will use the larger text size.

    Kristi Ireland
    1 year ago

    Yeah!! Thank you so much for your help.

    6 months ago

    I find that some emails which appear fine on the screen are actually cropped on the right hand margin or only the upper half of the last line on a page is printed. This is particularly pronounced on purchase confirmation emails I receive from Apple. I have tried using different size paper, landscape mode, fitting to screen and exporting or printing as a PDF but to no avail. It is independent of my computer because it prints the same way from my iMac or MacBook. Have you run into this?

    5 months ago

    Jonathan: Have you tried playing around with all of the print settings and see how they affect the preview on the left? All you can do is experiment and see what can be changed.

    5 months ago

    Yes Gary I have. I finally got it to work by reducing the text on the screen using the command + - command. Nothing else worked thanks.

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