Forum Question: How Do I Export Contacts To an iPad?

I would like to export a group of contacts from my Address Book and then import that group into the Address Book on my wife’s iPad
Bruce Anschutz

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    5/11/12 @ 1:30 pm

    So are you exporting from your Mac Address Book? I’ll assume so, since you call it “Address Book” not “Contacts.”
    The way to export a group of contacts is simple: drag and drop. You can select multiple contacts in Address Book, and then drag and drop them to the Finder. This will result in one vcard file that contains all of those contacts.
    Of, if you have already created an Address Book “group” you can drag and drop that group from Address Book to the Finder to get that single file vcard collection.
    Not to get them to your wife’s iPad, you will first want to get them into her Address Book on her Mac (or her user account on your shared Mac) — whatever Mac (or PC) that she uses to sync her iPad. Then drag and drop that vcf file into her Address Book app and she’ll have those contacts. Then sync as appropriate.
    Or, if she isn’t syncing her iPad to any Mac, you can do this all through email. Just email her the .vcf file. When she reads the email on her iPad, she can tap the file and it will ask her if she wants to add those contacts.

    Bruce Anschutz
    5/11/12 @ 6:34 pm

    I tried emailing her the file (because she does not have a Mac) and when she went to open it (from her gmail account) on her iPad, it said it could not download the .vcf file. What am I missing?

      5/11/12 @ 7:22 pm

      Perhaps it just hasn’t downloaded the file yet — sometimes you have to wait. Or, perhaps some sort of problem between your mail account and hers. Try it again. Try sending her a .vcf with just 3 or 4 contacts.

    Bruce Anschutz
    5/17/12 @ 12:38 pm

    I tried emailing the vcf file to myself through gmail, opened my account on her iPad and Safari said that it could not download the file. Any other suggestions on getting that file to her iPad?

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