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How Do I Get a Blank Cell Value Using Lookup?

I am using lookup to populate a cell from the previous cell pop up menu. The lookup references a master table for the values. The first option on the pop up menu is “choose category”, and I want the adjacent populated cell to be blank (not 0, not the exclamation point warning) when the pop up menu shows “choose category”

Thank you!

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    3 years ago

    Then just include "choose category" as a value in the lookup table. Make sure the resulting value (blank cell) is set to the Text format, not a number or Automatic.

    Or, use an IF statement to check to see if the value is "choose category" and if it is show "", otherwise do the lookup.

    IF(B7="choose category","",LOOKUP(B7,Table 2::A,Table 2::B))

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary!
    I knew it couldn't be too difficult, I was just missing something... Making sure the blank cell value being set to text was the key. Thanks

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