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How Do I Get Per/ounce Gold and Silver Prices Into a Numbers Spread Sheet

I really liked your “Using live stock prices in Numbers”
Is there a way to do the same thing on a commodity live price spreadsheet?
Walt Ryan

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    3 years ago

    Good question. Getting prices for non-stock things is always tricky in systems like this. You’ve got to find the symbol for the item, just like the stock symbol. But you usually don’t refer to the commodity by a symbol. Still, looking on Yahoo Finance, I see that at they list Gold as GC=F and Silver as SI=F. Sure enough, if I use those in Numbers formulas, they work: =STOCK(“GC=F”)
    The tricky part is that the system Apple is calling must support the symbol. So it looks like it works for these two examples, but maybe not for others. I think Apple is still getting their data from Yahoo on this, so that’s probably why it works.
    For instance, in the past I’ve tried to access data using ^DJI for the Down Jones Industrial index, and it hasn’t worked, presumably because of licensing issues. But sure enough =STOCK(“^DJI”) works in Numbers, as does ^GSPC and ^IXIC (S&P and NASDAQ).

    Walt Ryan
    3 years ago

    I have built a spreadsheet using this structure but I do not know the exact steps to get it to go somewhere and fill the sheet with a gold or silver current price.
    Do you have a video that describes this action procedure and does the sheet to continue to fill the sheet with current prices as long as the sheet is open, or is it a one-time quote?

    3 years ago

    Walt: Not sure which part you are having trouble with. Are you familiar with entering formulas into a cell? Just click on the cell and start typing. I use the = key as a quick way to start a formula, and then you type the function, such as STOCK(“^DJI”).

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