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How Do I Import an Audio File Into Apple Music for iOS Without a Mac or PC?

Is there any way of importing an audio file into Apple Music on the iPhone without a pc or Mac? Or can you think of a way of playing an audio file on a loop in the background while the phone is in a pocket?

My friend has a short audio file of anti-mosquto sounds which he wants to play on a loop from his iPhone 11 Pro. He doesn’t have a Mac or pc, just a Chromebook and iPad Pro.
Jon Evans

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    2 years ago

    The only way I can think of to do it would be to use GarageBand. Get that app from Apple (free) and start a new project. Import the mp3 file into GarageBand as the only thing in the track. Then Share to Music.

    Or, you could just play it on a loop in GarageBand itself.

    Either way, it will probably wear down the battery pretty quickly, playing sound over the speakers like that. I'd imagine this is something he wants to play for an extended period of time.

    So you may want to help save your friend's iPhone battery by telling them to Google "do mosquito sounds work" first. Spoiler: no.

    Jon E
    2 years ago

    Haha thanks Gary, genius tip on using GarageBand (and for the heads up on dodgy mosquito sounds)!

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