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How Do I Merge Two Tables Using Lookup In Mac Numbers?

I would like to merge two separate tables of data using the lookup function in Mac Numbers. For example, Table 1 is a list of names, addresses, emails, and cell phone numbers. Table 2 is a list of names, addresses, and landline numbers.

I want to merge Table 2 into Table 1 so that the landline phone numbers will match up with the corresponding address in Table 1.

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    2 years ago

    I would use the LOOKUP function to get the phone number from table 2 and put it into a new column in table 1. The example at A Simple Numbers Lookup Example should get you there. The only problem could be if the addresses aren’t exact matches.

    Once you have that, then you can select the results in that new column. Edit, Copy. Then with the same cells selected, Edit, Paste Formula Results. The replaces all of your LOOKUP functions with the real values. Now you can dispose of table 2 and you are all set.

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