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How Do I Remove Duplicates In iCloud Photos?

I have around 20K photos and have noticed tons of duplicates after I switched to iCloud. How can I detect remove these – does photos have an option to do so?
Ash Shah

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    2 years ago

    Are you sure they are duplicates? I only ask because I have had other people mention duplicates and it turns out they are just seeing the same photo but in 2 albums, or in an album and in All Photos.

    First, I would figure out why you have duplicates. You want to fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. So do you have both iCloud Photos and Photo Stream turned on? Or are you manually importing your photos (connecting a cable) even after you have automatically synced via iCloud?

    Then it is just a matter of going through them to delete duplicates. So go into All Photos view and scroll through them, selecting some duplicates and deleting one at a time. I wouldn’t trust any automatic process to delete my photos as they are too important. It may take a few 15-minute sessions but it is worth it to get it right.

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