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How Do I Set Up Mailbox Behaviors > Trash Mailbox?

While trying to help a friend sort out a Mail problem, for the first time I noticed that in my iCloud Mail Account, Trash Mailbox in High Sierra I can choose among the following folders:

Deleted Messages
Deleted Messages (Gmail)

Then, below a solid dividing line, other choices are:
On My Mac

My present setting is Deleted Messages.

I have tons of room in my iCloud account and on my Macintosh HD and my TM HD, plus I clone my iMac nightly to an exernal HD with tons of room.

Which is the best setting for me to use?

I have an iMac, 2015, Oct, 27” 5K display, OS 10.13.6

Bob Gerard

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Set Up Mailbox Behaviors > Trash Mailbox?”

    2 years ago

    For an iCloud account, you should use iCloud, Deleted Messages. That is the default and the standard place to use as your Trash folder.

    Not sure why you have another folder called Trash there too. Or, is that under another account? Maybe you created that folder years ago, or it was a remnant from an account from years ago.

    For others, it depends on your email service, like so many things that have to do with email. For everyone, sticking with the defaults and not messing with this setting is best. For instance, for Gmail or Google Apps accounts, it is usually [Gmail]/Trash.

    2 years ago

    Thank you, Gary. I am going with your advice to stick with iCloud > Deleted Messages, the default choice.

    I don’t know where that extra Trash folder came from. Probably some cruft left over from a previous OS.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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