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How Do Iknow If the Battery Of iPhone Is Original or Fake?

how do iknow if the battery of iPhone is original or fake?
and the lcd and the touchscreen

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    11 years ago

    Well, if the iPhone turns on, then it is a real battery, not a fake :)
    But I think what you mean is if the battery has been replaced by a 3rd-party battery?
    I don't know of any way to do that other than have a tech open it up and examine it.
    What is your concern? Are you buying a used iPhone and want to know its value?
    I think it is then like buying a used car. You can spend some money to have an expert look at it, but in this case that may cost enough that you should just get a new iPhone.
    If it is an older, used iPhone, then it is probably a good thing that the battery is new. After 2 years, the batteries are not nearly as long-lasting as when they are new anyway.
    So, what is your concern?
    As for the LCD and touch screen, what is your concern there too? It would be rare to fine an iPhone with a replaced screen. But if it works then I'm not sure of the concern.

    11 years ago

    this is my concern
    how do i know if i buy a new battery, lcd, touch screen for my iphone. if orginal or fake

      11 years ago

      Oh, so you are thinking of fixing an iPhone? Well, if you need both a new battery and a new screen, then it may cost less to just get a new phone. But otherwise, you just have to trust the repair shop.
      I'm not sure as I've never done it. But I'd imagine it would be hard to get an "official Apple part" from a repair shop unless it is an Apple Store or Apple "certified" in some way.

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