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How to Close Programs Running In the Background On My iPad Pro?

Due to our limited bandwidth of 1.5, I’ve always closed the programs running in the background on my iPad. With the new iOS, double clicking on the Home Screen button doesn’t allow me to do close them that way. Is there another way to accomplish this?
Terri K.

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    4 years ago

    First, you can “quit” apps in iOS 10 in the same way you did in iOS 9 and before. Press the Home button twice, then you see the list of recent apps. Then drag one up to quit it. No change.
    Second, this is unnecessary. It won’t save you any “bandwidth” or processor speed or anything. Think of apps that aren’t being used as “paused.” You can jump back to them, but they aren’t doing anything in the background of note. Sure, there are some apps designed specifically to do something in the background — like a music app that keeps playing music, or a GPS tracking app that keeps tracking. These are things you usually WANT to keep running as that is the whole point. Even so, they will use fewer resources when in the background.
    I suggest you stop trying to quit apps you are not using and let your iPad worry about the details. Less work for you and really no change in your bandwidth or anything else.

    Terri K.
    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary for that information. Actually an Apple Care representative advised me to do it that way. And evidently the new iOS 10 has a speed function for the Home screen button. I was pushing it the way I had before and it wasn’t working. It takes two rapid in succession presses to have access to the apps. Thanks again for your prompt response. I’ve learned so much from your site.

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