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How To Copy Playlists From One Computer To Another ?

I Have three Macs and would ideally like to automatiCally
sync my playlists between the Macs – is this possible ?
Also, I have made all my playlist on one computer and now wants to copy them to another – but it seems that I have to import every single playlist one of the time. This seems a bit pre-historic. Isn´t possible to drag them ?
Everytime I drag them the playlist appears i iTunes, but there are no songs in the playlist.

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    10 years ago

    So a Playlist is just a list of songs. It isn't the songs itself. So copying one playlist to another machine, or syncing them somehow, doesn't make sense. It would be like handing a person a piece of paper with a list of song names -- they can't play the music from that piece of paper.
    So you would need something that not only syncs the playlist, but also syncs your songs across devices.
    That exists -- it is iTunes Match. And iTunes Match not only syncs your songs but it will also sync your playlists across devices.

      10 years ago

      Well, it may be true, but since itunes match doesn´t exist in Denmark I would need another sync mechanism ??

        10 years ago

        There is none, I'm afraid. At least I've never heard of one. You'll have to manually move those songs to your other computer (use Home Sharing) and thn recreate the playlist.

    10 years ago

    have five macs, all with different playlists, one has been the master, deleted unwanted songs, added other tapes, cassettes, talks .. but now i have a new rmbp, and i want everything consolidated onto that single comp .. itunes match is not the tool.

    what to do? external hard drive transfers?

      10 years ago

      Why is iTunes Match not the tool?
      But otherwise, yes, you should carefully consolidate your library on your new Mac. Set aside some time, be patient, and do it right. That's what I would do, anyway.
      I would just use your network file sharing to transfer the files. But you can use drives if you want.

    John M. Hammer
    10 years ago

    Gregory- If you have one Mac which is your "Master" for iTunes, all you have to do is copy your ~/Music/iTunes folder from the old "Master" Mac to your new Mac. (Just be sure that iTunes is not running on either Mac when you do this.) When you launch iTunes on the new Mac after doing this, it will be an exact duplicate, playlists and all, of your old "Master" Mac.

    10 years ago

    Also, I get that they are mere lists, but if you import a playlist it will come up with songs and everything. So I thought that iTunes could get and use information even if it were from another mac (I guess however that the libraries should be identical). If that is possible why not drag and drop ?

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