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How To Use Drop Down Menus To Fill a Field By Typing Only the First Character?

Hi Gary,
in Numbers I use dropdown menus.
In Excel I also used fields with dropdown menus. The items in the menus were sorted alphabetically. When I clicked on such a field, I could either make a selection by clicking on the list that appeared or I typed in the first letter of a term. Then the field was filled directly with the corresponding term.
In Numbers I click on the field. Then a down arrow appears to the right of the field. I click on this arrow and get a selection list from which I can select by clicking to fill the field.
This is quite cumbersome. Is there any way to speed this up in Numbers? I have not yet found a similar procedure as in Excel in which I only type in an initial letter.
Thanks for efforts
Best regards

Example of contents in drop menu: Amex, Master, Visa
typing in “A” the field ist filled with “Amex”,
typing in “V” the field is filled with “Visa”
Ernst Horz

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    2 years ago

    Instead of using drop-down menus, don't use them. What I mean is keep the cell format as Text or Automatic. Then use Numbers' built-in autocomplete function. So if you go to a new cell, you can type "M" and "Master" will appear as a choice. You can click it or down arrow to it.

    These autocomplete entries come from the current items in that column. So if you already have Amex, Master and Visa in some cells there, then you will see those. If you only have Master and Visa so far, you will have to type Amex the first time you use it. Then it will appear when you type A the next time.

    Ernst Horz
    2 years ago

    Hello Gary,
    with the procedure you mentioned, I can keep my hand on the keyboard during data entry. This speeds up the input.
    Thanks a lot
    Many greetings

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