Forum Question: Is the White MacBook dead?

I can’t find a single white MacBook in the Apple Store. Is the Franchise dead? I have always enjoyed the White MacBooks and it would be a pity if it got killed.
Do you have further Info?

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    7/21/11 @ 9:51 am

    Yes. It was announced that it was discontinued yesterday. Widely reported.
    The idea, I believe, is that the MacBook Air fills the spot nicely. The low-end is $999, but includes some features (like an SSD drive) that make the old white MacBook a poor option. Even the low-end $1199 MacBook Pro is a much bettr machine for the price than the old white MacBook.

    7/21/11 @ 10:03 am

    I don’t really like the MacBook Air. Its kind of a netbook to me. I always liked the white Design. I don’t really care about the specs – Hell, for that I bought a High-End PC. I just wanted a Laptop, that runs Mac OS, that looks good, that doesn’t have a lack of features but at the same time a Laptop, that hasn’t got lots of things I don’t need (Like Thunderbolt) – and that was the MacBook. The Air is just too thin and I don’t really like the Aluminum MacBook Pro. Sooooo . . . looks like I am going to keep my white Unibody MacBook. Way to piss off a customer, Apple.

      7/21/11 @ 10:19 am

      OK. You’re entitled to your opinion. And I’m sure others agree. But you do realize that most people consider the MacBook Pros to be a much nicer design than the white MacBooks, which look plastic and cheap? And most consider the Air to be even nicer.
      I’m not saying “everyone” — I am just saying “most.” That includes me.
      Apple has to keep moving forward. I loved the iMac G4 design (“most” didn’t, in that case) but I know that Apple had to move past that.

    7/21/11 @ 10:33 am

    I agree. The iMac G4 rocked.
    I mean, the MacBook Pros ARE nice – in their own way. If I think MacBook, I think White. Sure, the MacBook Air was a HUGE Step in Technology, but I am missing some ports, a build in CD/DVD Drive and much, much more. Its good when you’re traveling and don’t really like the iPad, and its perfectly fine for that – but not as a stationary laptop. I know that sound weird – stationary and laptop in one sentence – but I figured that I don’t need an iMac or a MacMini when I have a High-End PC. And I don’t need Thunderbolt because I don’t own any FireWire/MiniDisplayPort/Thunderbolt Devices. Thats why I don’t fancy the “Pro” Model.

    But what did you like most about the iMac G4 Design?

      7/21/11 @ 10:48 am

      I liked the way the screen moved. I liked how easy it was to move the machine from one desk to another. It felt like it had a strong sense of “style” that I just can’t explain very well.

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