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Does anyone know if there is a MacBook Pro due soon (I heard somewhere that it is likely to be released with iLife 12, iWork 12 and the iPad 3 in the new year) with a resolution to match that of the MacBook Air??

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    8/20/11 @ 9:18 am

    No. The MacBook Pros were last updated on February 24, 2011. So about 6 months ago. It is highly unlikely that Apple would come out with new ones so soon.
    I haven’t heard any rumors at all about iLife 12 or iWork 12. Where did you hear that? I doubt that Apple would link together new MacBook Pros with new iLife/iWork software. There’s no reason for them to do so. And I am thinking that we won’t ever see another iLife X or iWork X release, as those apps are now distributed through the Mac App Store and I doubt Apple will put them out as an “iLife” or “iWork” suite anymore. They will just get updated individually since they are purchased individually.
    Why would you think that the resolutions of new MacBook Pros would match the MacBook Air? The current Pros come in 13, 15 and 17-inch screen sizes. But the Airs come in 11 and 13-inch sizes. I doubt there would be an 11-inch MacBook Pro. But the 13-inch one may end up having the same resolution as the 13-inch Air. They are close, but not exactly the same, now. Impossible to tell until it gets released, tho.

      8/21/11 @ 4:10 am

      Thanks for reply so quickly.
      Thats what I meant; will the next MacBook Pro 13″ have a resolution atleast the same as the MacBook Air 13″ – and when I said soon i didnt mean until 2012.

      The websites where i got my information from were; amongst others:
      – This site seems to suggest a new MacBook Pro is imminent, and they are often pretty accurate, providing Apple stick to their regular updates, and as you said in episode 222 macbooks are updated frequently:
      – This site seems to have the impression apple skipped iWork 11 and revamp the UI in iWork 12:

      And what you were saying about the iLife and iWork suites no longer being seen as packages, well apple still has separate pages on the mac app store for iLife and iWork apps e.g:
      And in fact what you were saying in episode 315, iWork would make profitable sense because i know many people who have bought Office for mac instead of iWork, mainly because iWork is over 2 years old.

        8/21/11 @ 9:18 am

        Sorry for the misunderstanding of “soon” — in my experience most people mean “in the next few weeks” when they say “soon.”
        I’d be careful about that one rumor — it is based solely on a single job advertisement. That’s a very unreliable single tiny piece of data.
        Apple may still advertise the iLife and iWork apps together, but they don’t’ sell them together — you have to buy each app separately. There are tons of special pages like that at the App Stores where they list similar apps. But if they don’t sell “iLife” now, I don’t think they will sell “iLife” in the future. They will just use it for branding and advertising. But you will probably have to buy them separately.
        Episode 315 was from Nov 8, 2009. That was way before the Mac App Store existed when the iWork apps were only sold together as suite.

    8/21/11 @ 3:12 pm

    ok thanks for all the help

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